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Upstate Interactive

Before we work together, there's a few things you should know...

We're not “Yes.” men—in fact we'll say “No.” quite often.

Interested in hiring Upstate Interactive?

First lets go over a few points of discussion before you make contact. I wouldn't call these “rules;” they’re more like philosophies.

  • Trust us.

    You’ve hired us for a reason—please listen to us and trust our advice. In the end, its your call, but take our advice seriously.

  • Phones are kinda annoying.

    Phones, TXT’s, and IM’s are great tools, but they can interrupt an otherwise productive day. Consider sending an email instead.

  • There’s always an upfront payment.

    We don’t start work without payment. If you don’t pay, our family doesn’t eat. Please, pay on time; don’t make us hassle you for money.

  • We’re not your employees.

    We set our own schedule; we choose what software and hardware we use; and, we select the best method for the job. We don’t ask for a salary or benefits.

  • We take deadlines seriously.

    We take pride in having the uncanny ability of knowing when a project will be completed.

  • Just keeping it real.

    Sometimes you may not like what we have to say, but we say it only with the best intentions. Don’t take things personally. We’ll do the same.

  • We’re not trained monkeys.

    Please, don’t tell us how to do our job. We’ll create the best solution we know how. Its up to you if you use it.

  • “Me contractor; you client.”

    Remember, you’re the client. Make sure you tell us what you want. Our success is based on your input.

The Client-Contractor Relationship

After being kicked out of Apple back in the 80’s, Steve Jobs started a small computer companied named NeXT. Jobs asked Paul Rand—considered by many to be the father of modern design—to come up with a “few options” for the NeXT logo:

“I asked him if he would come up with a few options. And he said, ‘No. I will solve your problem for you. And you will pay me. And you don’t have to use the solution. If you want options, go talk to other people. But I’ll solve your problem for you the best way I know how. And you use it or not. That’s up to you. You’re the client. But you pay me.’ And there was a clarity about the relationship that was refreshing.”

Steve Jobs on working with designer Paul Rand

The simplistic way with which Rand operated is refreshing. It has inspired us to strive for the same simplistic business methods. We’ll solve your problem the best way we can, and you agree to pay us for the solution. Its as simple as that.

Done reading? Lets talk.

Read all of the above, and still want to work with Upstate Interactive? We’re very professional and are always interested in talking with you about your project. We’re interested in working with projects beginning as early as 1-2 weeks from today.

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