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Upstate Interactive

Our process is informal, fluid, and easy to grasp. Oh, and it works really well.

We listen to you. We think, plan, create, and show. Then we repeat.

Project Kickoff

Let's take some time to and get to know each other.

Its actually really simple. Once we agree on a price, a timeline, and a project scope—and you’ve paid your initial invoice, we get to work. I know it sounds like a lot of work just to “get to work,” but all that upfront stuff usually happens during a phone call or a few emails.

Now that we have an official project, we can get started. At this point we should both have a good idea of the project’s scope and timeline. If not, we'll make sure everything is cleared up before moving on.

We’ll start off by sending you the UI Project Kickoff Questionnaire. This short document asks a few general questions, and is sometimes customized based on the dependancies and complexities of your project. While it may seem trivial—possibly even silly—you really should spend some time thinking about each question, answering as honestly as possible. No need to write a novel, but provide any details you think may be important. If needed, we will meet to discuss your answers.