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Upstate Interactive

Our process is informal, fluid, and easy to grasp. Oh, and it works really well.

We listen to you. We think, plan, create, and show. Then we repeat.

Review. Revise. Repeat

Aren't three word headlines the bomb?

Once we’ve completed some real work, we’ll send it to you via email to review. Sometimes we do a “live” review via iChat, Skype, or Phone.

Email reviews range from sparse to robust depending on the topic at hand. A good turnaround time on your end is usually 24–48 hours. If you think it will take longer than a day or two to reply, please let us know so we can schedule accordingly.

“Live” reviews usually last about 30–45 minutes, as we tend to keep the topics of discuss short and concise. These reviews will be scheduled at least a day ahead of time. We’ll send the items for discussion 15-30 minutes before the scheduled meeting time. When the review begins, we’ll run through any designs thoroughly, taking notes and questions along the way. We'll end the review by going over the discussed revisions and next steps.

After the review, we’ll jump back into some more real work. Then we’ll review. We keep repeating until the project is finished. Pretty straight forward, don’t ya’ think?